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Our offering

We offer our clients peace of mind knowing that your valuable belongings can be stored in our secure facility, safe under the watchful eye of our 24-hour armed response service with electric fencing, floodlights, security beams and personal at all times. So, when you have something valuable but no space, remember Apple Storage.

Who are you?

Are you a small business looking to expand or merely looking to store your goods while in transit of job to job?

Are you a big company that has grown out of your seems and needs to take care of your storage needs for a product that’s bought at a good price?

Are you an events company, maybe you are a news outlet or a printer that needs to keep your product safe?

Do you like to travel and keep your belongings safe?

While you are on holiday use a security pod and keep all your personal belongings safe and under the watchful eye of our security systems.

Are you immigrating?

Are you on holiday?


Are you wanting to store in a
rivate capacity?


Are you a company or small business?

Is your business expanding?
Bulk store with us, we have a formula to help you offload.

Are you a shop keeping stock?
Then make use of our facilities while you are away.


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NB tips to keep in mind





Items that you require on a regular basis probably be placed in the front of the storage area.

Allow enough space between your items stored for easy access.
Fill boxes or secure open spaces with scrunched up newspaper or towels, do this to avoid breakages

If you plan to enter your storage space on a regular basis, moving things in and out. It would be much more convenient for you to take a ground unit.

Insuring your goods in storage gives you the peace of mind while in storage – please contact us for details or see here for details.

Are you a small business owner,

need to use our storage space

instead of renting more office space?


083 326 7477

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